Contact Me!

Oh hay-yo,

If you want to send me email, send it to AbernathyQThePoint[at]gmail[dot]com

I really LOVE getting mail. This is what happens when you send it to me:
  1. I giggle and open the message with super duper excitement and crippling nervousness.
  2. I read through your message. If it's positive, I smile and read it again. If it's mean, I curse at gmail and read it again anyways.
  3. I walk away from the computer and either (a) celebrate your kind words by dancing around my room/office/table in the smoothie shop, or (b) decide whether to respond to your negative vibes.
  4. A day or so later, I'll write you back--if I feel I can write something dazzling enough to make me sound cool when I respond to your message.
Alright, now get to sending me lots of mail you rainbow lovin', dance inducing, blog reading love bugs! 

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